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Ayurveda is considered by many Acharya or scholars to be the oldest heading science. It originated in India more the 5,000 years ago and teaches now to create the perfect balance between mind body and consciousness according to one’s own individual constitution also teaches the importance of making few changes in our lifestyle to bring about that order.

Ayurveda believes that each individual has a body and energy constitution of their own mainly segmented into three categories, Vata pitta and Kapha also known as Tidoshas Vata doola is constituted by space and air. Few characteristic features of people in this category

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Agni is the simplest form is the fire within our body. Primarily our digestive fire (jathar-agni) and can be considered the subtle form of pita. In a healthy state, Agni allows for good digestion, assimilation, elimination, circulation, nourishment to all body tissues, healthy tissue formation, good complexion, strong immunity and intelligence.

Amax is considered to be undigested or toxic material (food or emotional) that forms as a result of a low or disturbed Agni. Amax will accumulate where there is a pre-disposed weakness in the body thus giving rise to different ailments in different people. Ayurveda first and foremost looks to result the Agni one of the root causes of dies-ease.


Benefits of Ayurveda

1. Better Quality of Life

Quality of life is fundamentally about living in a state of health, happiness, security and peace. As we age, particularly after we cross age 30 or 40, certain aspects of our health start to diminish: sexual vigour, stamina, endurance, physical strength, mobility, flexibility, athletic skills, and other aspects of physical life. We start to develop nagging aches and pains that we accept as "normal" and just part of getting old. Ayurveda offers us tools to counteract the aging process, slow it down, and maintain mobility, flexibility, and a pain-free body even as we age.

2. Lifestyle Optimization

Lifestyle optimization is about getting the most out of daily life: becoming more efficient; utilizing our time better; doing the right things at the right time; becoming more productive; identifying self-sabotaging behaviour and making adjustments; and making incremental improvements to our lifestyle through, for example, adopting one new positive habit a month. If you are wondering how to get more out of life and how to become more efficient and productive, Ayurveda offers a number of pointed tips and prescriptions.

3. Better Diet

Ayurveda can teach us how to eat better: the right times to eat; the right foods for our body type; the right combinations of foods; and what foods to eat to address certain ailments or health objectives. The Hippocratic dictum, "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food", is entirely consistent with Ayurvedic tradition and thought.

4. Better Sleep

As we get older, many of us tend to lose sleep. We lose sleep due to stress, wrong feeding habits, false beliefs, imbalances in the body, and other reasons. Ayurveda can help us to identify the things that are impediments to good sleep. Ayurveda also offers certain medicines, home remedies, and lifestyle tips that can enable us to take back control of our sleep. It may take time and nothing happens overnight, but if you truly want better sleep without getting hooked on sleeping pills, Ayurveda offers sustainable and healthy solutions.

5. Better Exercise

The reality is that our health is partly dependent on how much we exercise and how regularly we exercise. Our brain needs it and the body needs it. And because it is so important, we need to get better at it. We need to get more efficient at exercise by exercising at the right times and in the right ways for our body type. This is where Ayurveda can help us: to exercise more efficiently and more appropriately for our true needs.

6. Curing the Incurable

The history of Ayurveda is replete with stories of people who have been miraculously healed from debilitating conditions and terminal illnesses, including cancer and auto-immune diseases. This is not to say that Ayurveda can cure each and every instance of cancer. The ability to recover from a serious illness depends not just on the doctor, the medicines and the course of treatment, but also, on the mindset, attitude, and cooperation of the patient. Very often, a healing must take place in the heart and mind before it can take place in the body.

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