The body is called Kati and holding warm medicated ayurvedic oils on the affected area is called Vasti. Kati vasti is a highly effective treatment to alleviate stress, pain or swelling in the lower back wherein warm medicated oil is poured into an enclosed area of the waist created with a bridge of dough.

Treats : Waist Pain, Sciatica, Prolapsed and Presents Any Surgery.

Firstly the patient is asked to lie face down on the bed or massage table. Medicated oil is locally applied around the lumbo-sacral region and then a reservoir made of black gram or wheat flour dough is built around the area. Making sure that it is leak proof, lukewarm medicated oil is slowly poured into it. When the oil starts to cool down, it is squeezed out using cotton and more warm oil is poured in it. The oil is kept for around 30 minutes.

Once this part is done, the affected area is gently massaged for better absorption of the medicated oil. This is usually done for a course of 7 days or as advised by the ayurveda practitioner.