Januvasti is a knew treatment with medicated oil steamed oil followed by limps massage also treats pain

Treats : Pain in Legs, Difficulty in Walking, Pain after sitting for long Muscular Pain.

Januvasti is an ayurvedic knee treatment program developed for the knee region. This brings effective releif for kneepain. This is also used for other numerous ailments related to it. Januvasti begins with circling the knee region with flour dough. Into this, lukewarm oil is poured slowly till it fills right below the rim of the circle and kept for a certain duration of time. Januvasti is effective in treating degenerative arthritis and healing knee bone injuries.This is one of the best in terms of efficacy as the knee pain remedy in ayurveda.

Janu Vasti also acts as a preventive treatment for such conditions. Undergoing Januvasti can keep joints healthy and keep joints out of such problems. All type of joint pain can be cured with this.