Leech Treatment

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This treatment is the name suggest involves usage of leech, this treatment was usage from ancient civilization, in sushuruta samhita this treatment is identified as hirudo treatment. This treatment is utilized as Raktamokshana Karma (Blood letting ) for purifying body humans. At present it is used for reconstructive surgeries. Venous congestion removing blood clotting by the saliva inserted by the biting leech as an anti coagulant etc.

Leech therapy is effective in increasing blood circulation. it also help in breaking and presenting the formation of blood clots. Leech therapy is easy and have no risk of side effects than most of other treatment recent case studies shows that leech treatment can also help in treating certain types of diabetes.

A substance present in leech saliva called hirudin , the blood and keeps it from clotting. Hirudin can also help with cardiovascular disease by thirming the blood. It can give better results in many diseases like survical, migraine, vascular diseases, and arthritis. Its better recent over traditional allopathic procedures.